bioware ruined my life

I think I’m drilunk. Go DIU training


She’ll go to any length to protect what’s hers.

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alternate titles for dragon age ii

  • dragon age ii: aveline and her collection of irresponsible friends
  • dragon age ii: god damnit anders
  • dragon age ii: god damnit isabela
  • dragon age ii: half of this is varric exaggerating
  • dragon age ii: cute and troubled elves
  • dragon age ii: no, you can’t kiss sebastian vael
  • dragon age ii: all of your family is dead
  • dragon age ii: this wasn’t funny in the last game either, cullen
  • dragon age ii: but can i become a dragon
  • dragon age ii: your fave is problematic
  • dragon age ii: the return of sandal, conquerer of darkspawn
  • dragon age ii: not the arishok fight jesus christ
  • dragon age ii: at least it’s not the fade
  • dragon age ii: fuck you, bartrand
  • dragon age ii: fuck you, mother petrice
  • dragon age ii: fuck you, meredith
  • dragon age ii: fuck all of you

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IT’S FINALLY DONE. This was quite the undertaking, but I hope it was worth it! This was a commission for Sresla!

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I need to stop going to the Varric tag and making myself sad.

This is a guy who spent most of his youth caring for an alcoholic mother.  After she dies he tries to take the same role with Bartrand by finding a way to enable his crazy expedition dreams.  Then, when Bartrand discards him, he creates a nice little replacement family and makes his home their meeting spot with alcohol and cool stories. 

And he’s happy.  His situation might not be, uh, entirely healthy, but he really loves his friends.  They all need him to keep the group together and help manage their terrible disaster lives.  What could be better?  If he had his way, he’d buy the Hanged Man and keep it forever. 

But he can’t.  His patchwork family goes, and then he’s taken away, and there’s nothing left for him to do but trail along behind the Inquisition, which is made up of independent professionals who don’t require an attentive brother.

What does Varric do when no one is depending on him?  When it is time for someone to take care of him?

I- I just want him to make it home, you guys.  And maybe to see Merrill again because you know he worries about her, what if she’s wandered into a crypt somewhere, she might try to pet the zombies. 

That’s okay, I didn’t need my heart to be whole ever again.

oh my god how dare you </3

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We went around the room today in one of my classes and everyone talked about how they worked all summer, went on a mission trip, etc

And it gets around to me and I’m just like “… I blogged about video games”

but then the professor asked which ones (DA & ME) and wrote that down so I think I’m winning here



a dalish elf sent from their clan to gather information getting sucked into the war and trying to be like ‘inQUISITOR? im really sorry but i gotta be home by midnight so good luck with this whole rift thing…….’

"my keeper says i gotta come home right now immediately"

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My Little Aadar headcanon backstory is a little ruined by the fact that she was a the mage for a mercenary group

I guess she could have been their healer? Hahahaha.



I’ve been waiting so long to be able to draw her like that. 

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*sighs to self*

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