formerly holyandraste
formerly holyandraste
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shepard, Goddess of Empowerment, guide me through my darkest days

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More Adventures of James Vega, Cool Bro and Space Marine

I’m glad people liked the first set so much. :] I’ve been doing lots of silly Mass Effect stuff lately. I’m sure I’ll draw more later, Shepard

Edit: Here’s some outtakes 

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  • Joker: It'll be BETTER than the old days!
  • Shepard: I hope so. I died.
  • Joker: Gah, you are such a downer.
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I tried to put my finger on it
I tried to put my finger on it

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dragon age au in which everything is the same but mabari warhounds look like this


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You are looking for forgiveness, but I’m not the one who can give it to you

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mistress-quickly: do you think qunari babes are given those little mittens to cover their claws so they don't scratch themselves? i mean human baby nails are crazy sharp and lots of people make them wear a pair, but qunari sort of have claws. itty bitty qunari mittens, that an 8 foot tall qunari had to make. plus tamassrans who probably have struggle to put them on fidgety bby qunari.
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Another story.


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Marian’s running the debate of “why they should totally have a Mabari” by Malcolm before she takes it to mom. 

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